CSM Fingerless Gloves

I make a pair of these every year for myself every winter because they’re so darn handy  in the car….pun intended!  They’re not really for making snowballs, but they keep my hands insulated from that c-c-cold steering wheel.  Plus, if I get talking outside to a teacher, or another mom I can just flip them over and tuck them in like a mitten.  Win-win!

I found the pattern years ago on knitty and just loved the simplicity of the design.

So for the CSM, there are a lot of instructions on how to do a fingerless mitt – the old csm yahoo groups have patterns in the files section, and you really only need the dimensions from a hand knitting pattern.  The toughest part is the Thumb.  The basic instructions I use for the 60 cylinder are:

  1. Cast on your main yarn after your waste yarn.
  2. I do the 3 row selvedge:  Knit 3 rows and re-attach the last row to the top and then add the ribber. If you’re more comfortable, you can do the In/Out selvedge.
  3. Knit 20 rows 1×1 ribbing
  4. Knit 20 rows 3×1 ribbing
  5. Take out all ribber needles and knit 5 rows
  6. Lift all needles up out of work except for the centre 16 in the front
    All needles lifted up except for 16 at the front


  7. Knit 16 rows back and forth over these 16 stitches.  No wrapping, but watch those edges and add weight to them if needed.
  8. Bind off the 16 stitches and take them off the machine.  You’ll be left with the thumb flap.  I latch tool bind off, but you can also add waste yarn and finish the edge off the machine.


  9. Now re-hang each side of the thumb flap that you just made – 8 stitches from the left hung on the first 8 empty needles, 8 stitches from the right hung on the last 8 empty needles.

    Sides of the thumb re-hung. The bound off stitches are in the middle, hanging in the middle.
  10. Add a weight to the middle of the thumb.  Thread up your machine ready to do a full round, pushing the needles down as you go.
  11. Knit 15 rows
  12. Knit 30 rows 3 x 1 ribbing
  13. Knit 30+ rows 1×1 ribbing.     (You can make it shorter.  Here is where I usually go long to have enough length for folding over my fingers like a mitten. )
  14. Latch tool bind off.

I made a video of just the thumb to help visualize.  Have fun making them!


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