I needed to be able to scale this pattern up and down, so I have been working on an excel spreadsheet all summer.  My two favourite ways of machine knitting socks are a sayg sock, and the other one is a one-seam sock.   When someone asks me to make a sock, I don’t always have a tape measure handy, so I ask for their shoe size.  I found this chart with standard shoe sizes that list the corresponding foot length in inches, and applied the math.

Calculate the sock:

1.  Circumference x stitch gauge = how many you cast on.

2.  Rib desired length.  I usually do 2″ here.

3.  Knit desired length.  I have found less than 4″ really doesn’t cover the ankle, so that’s my minimum.

4.  Begin the short row heel:  1/4 or 1/3 of cast on stitches are put in the hold position.  1/3 of cast on stitches will create a deeper heel than 1/4, but both work just fine!

5.  Knit the length of the foot x row gauge, MINUS the short rowed heel length.

6.  Begin the short row toe the same as the heel.

7.  Scrap off and sew up.



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